Wifeys sexy Legs

115 300x224 Wifeys sexy Legs

Her enormous tits and cum hungry mouth may get most of the attention, but Wifey’s other parts are just as intriguing. Take for instance, her shapely, long and luscious legs. With such a fantastic ass, it’s easy to overlook the rest of her stems. Wifey’s legs framed by high heels are a formidable boner inducing force! Just see the gallery below for all the evidence you will need. Stay tuned for upcoming posts promoting all of Wifey’s sexiest parts.

210 225x300 Wifeys sexy Legs 33 199x300 Wifeys sexy Legs

Horny Amateur Housewife Bares Tits in Public

114 300x199 Horny Amateur Housewife Bares Tits in Public

Looks like Wifey might have gone out for a jog (can you imagine the engineering that would have to go into the sports bra that could contain Wifey’s jiggling jugs?) and decided to take a little breather, catch her breath and bare her beautiful breasts in public? There is nothing sexier that a quick glimpse of forbidden flesh when no one is looking! The magic of Wifey allows her to be just as sexy in sweats and a t-shirt as she is in latex fetish wear, sexy costumes and sheer lingerie. Perhaps it has something to do with the 34f mounds of 100% certified MILF tits?

With Labor Day in the rear view mirror and summer coming to a close, perhaps it is time to bring the Sexy Summer of Wifey to a close. I still have a folder full of outdoor, in public, bikini, pool side, wet t-shirt and sexy summer attire Wifey photos ready to go. What do you think? Should we continue on with the theme through September or move on to something else?

Under the Milf Skirt

Take a look under Wifeys Skirt in the Picture Set below

113 199x300 Under the Milf Skirt 29 199x300 Under the Milf Skirt

Milf bound and facefucked

Wifey is the Milf in red leather who gets bound and facefucked . see more from wifey only at wifeysworld.com

112 225x300 Milf bound and facefucked 28 225x300 Milf bound and facefucked

If you ever see Wifey dressed like this you will blow your load in a matter of seconds. A mere mortal man can only handle so much and this is way TOO much. Join now and HOLD ON!

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Wifeys wonderful Boobs

Take a Look at Wifeys wonderful Boobs below icon smile Wifeys wonderful Boobs

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Sexy Schoolgirl plays with her Pussy

110 224x300 Sexy Schoolgirl plays with her Pussy

The naughty schoolgirl outfit is a regular featre at amateur oral sex site Wifeysworld.com. And one of my favorites for the obvious reasons. The short skirt showing off Wifey’s long legs with the occasional flash of pretty pink panties stuffed with tight pussy. The ridiculously tight and tiny top bulging with big boobs and deep cleavage begging to be covered with ropes of cum. And let’s not forget the fantasy aspect of fucking the hottest babe in school and blowing your load all over her beautiful face!

Wifey Handjobs

Wifey is a naughty housewife who launched her site about four years ago with Hubby. She adores facials which is just fine by him. They both have huge exhibitionist streaks in them and they love

19 300x168 Wifey Handjobs

26 300x168 Wifey Handjobs

Wifey Summer Pictures

See Wifey in the summer of 2008 PHoto Set below . Is it getting hotter ? See more here

18 200x300 Wifey Summer Pictures 25 200x300 Wifey Summer Pictures

Wifey in a black Leather Dress

See Wifey from Wifesworld posing in a black Leather Dress and Nylons . Damm she looks so sexy in this icon smile Wifey in a black Leather Dress

17 199x300 Wifey in a black Leather Dress 24 199x300 Wifey in a black Leather Dress

31 199x300 Wifey in a black Leather Dress 41 199x300 Wifey in a black Leather Dress

Wifeys wet Boobs

Take a look at Wifeys big wet Boobs outdoor in the sun icon smile Wifeys wet Boobs

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