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My husband was out playing golf so I headed over to this cute little desert shopping plaza to look at clothes. I ran into this guy that had a camera and thought I’d shock him by asking him if he wanted me to give him a blowjob! I was surprised he said “hell yes”. So he took me out to this place in the desert and made me walk around buck naked so he could videotape it! I was so freaked! SEE MORE FROM WIFEY !

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Anyway, I wanted to see his cock so we went to this park and I sucked on him by the picnic tables. It was so windy we had to go to this “abandoned warehouse” where I finally got him to blow his load in my mouth!

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Wifey with Glasses

Well we’re back- Hubby’s almost healthy again after a week long bout with a nsaty flu bug. And wouldn’t you know it, when it rains it pours! My boss at the factory came in and told me that most of my department was getting laid off. He asked me into his office and locked the door (which seemed suspicious, lol)

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Well, I’m sure all of you can use your imaginations to figure out what happened. I’m still on the payroll and the bosses dried semen is still all over my chest and mouth (and new skirt by the way, the guy was a mess!!)

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The Smile of Sandra Otterson

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Getting out to find a REAL job!

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I went to his office for an “interview” and it wasn’t long before I was earning my first paycheck! I didn’t have to file, or answer the phones or anything! For some reason though he kept “accidentally” sucking my boobs?! And I kept “accidentally” sucking his cock!

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Just to continue making my point from yesterday’s post, I submit a fully nude photo of the same busty amateur horny housewife. This time, her glorious naughty bits, in the shape of her perfect pink pussy, are on full display. Same setting, same high heels, same beautiful round ass. This time, that little silver chain has slipped to the side to allow us a full view of Wifey’s pussy and ass. As sexy as this shot is, it is my opinion that yesterday’s “almost nude” photo is a little on the sexier side. What do you think?

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As a full time student of amateur nude photography, I have seen thousands of examples of the undressed female form. One of my all time favorite types of photo are those of the almost nude variety. And I am not talking about the “topless photos” that so many celebrities take where they are topless, but not really showing anything. The photo above is a superb example of the type of photo I am talking about. This lovely, big breasted, horny housewife is clearly nude and not covering up on purpose. And when I say nude, I mean topelss and bottomless. And yet, you can’t actually see any true nudity. Her beautiful, supple and voluptuous breasts are only glimpsed as a curve of forbidden flesh. Her round ass is obviously free from the confines of any lingerie or panties, but the placement of the silver chain barely obscures our view of her naughty bits. And the high heels are a nice touch too!

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Ever since I can remember, I have always loved big tits. I shit you not, when I was in kindergarden, my teacher had really big boobs and when she would help with projects, she would lean over me and her big tits would rub up my back and against my head. I can still remember her doing that all the time. Maybe that’s where it all started with my breast obsession, even liking older women as well.

Well, Wifey from Wifey’s World, reminds me of my kindergarden teacher in these hot pics. What’s amazing is at first glance you might think Wifey’s tits are fake, but they’re 100% real! Maybe someday I’ll get a busty wife who will rub her tits again my back and all over me as I update this blog, mmmm….Ok, time for a cold shower.