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Black Body Suit

Chesty hot wife in a black full body suit

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WifeysWorld is an real amateur www. Not only are the two stars of the show, hot milf Wifey and her husband, amateur models come porn stars but they are both responsible for the site too. The WifeysWorld content is great one and the quality of all photos and movies is equally very good done. You can not be disappointed with a Wifeys World membership. The site has been online since 2001 meaning there is a lot of content to be seen. The first thing you will notice about the site is big munition, I mean her huge tits. Wifey has really amazing boobs. And when they are moving during their hardcore scenes …The next thing you would see is that Wifey World claims to be orally fixated and when you begin to look around the site, you will notice Wifey is definitely not lying. Not only does this star love to give incredible head to her Hubby but she adores taking a load of jizz to the face as well. Wifey is more than willing to do just about any garb that she and her partner can think of so the site is perfect for the role-playing fantasist. You will watch her in an unbelievable school uniform, dressed as a dominatrix and much more.

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Wifey as a brunette Super MILF

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Wifey’s World is home to the web’s most well-endowed, orally obsessed housewife! This site chronicles the XXX, hardcore adventures of the internet’s most gorgeous busty amateur with hundreds of explicit photos and videos featuring Hubby, Wifey and her enormous breasts (34F!) performing amateur blowjobs, facials, cumshots, swallowing, handjobs, tit fucking and of course sex! Wifey’s World is full of video and picture content. Video section is stocked full of hundreds of mpeg videos, with brand new stuff updated weekly.

In the photo section, you will find full-sized excellent quality pictures which are organized by individual months and weeks.

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Wifeysworld Corset Cum

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Corset Cum!- This week I busted out (no pun intended) a cute little corset that had my 34F jugs spilling out the top like a pair of pink capped muffins. It was a little too much for Hubby I’m afraid! He went a little crazy, pushing me over the couch, sticking his thumb up my little ass and fucking me like he just paid me for it. I had fun being his little slut though, grabbing his balls while he fucked me, sticking my huge jugs in his face to suck my big nipples, then jerking his heavy load all over my hair, face and tits! I am a GOOD wife, no? Click here to see more !

Classy Housewife Wifey Nailed Before Night Out

let’s keep it classy, ok!?… well, busty Wifey is one classy housewife and we all know that.. but she’s not one of those stuck up, you-can’t-even-talk-with-me classy bitches.. she knows she’s hot, and she’s happy to use her sex appeal to please her man, get her an orgasm, and make her fans happy by doing all that on camera.. in her latest update @ she was gettin ready for the night at the club.. she put on this hot silver dress, and I’m not sure if it was the peeking aureoles, or her lack of panties that caught Hubby’s attention, but he decided that he was going to fuck her before they went out.. and of course this big titty uber MILF was up for that!.. even if that meant that her makeup will get all smudged by his massive load being blasted all over her face:

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Wifey is pretty strict about keeping her content exclusive to members of so, if you’re member of this website, you’ll get to download 6 years of pic and movie archives, and you’ll get involved with the website by telling her about your ideas, wishes and wet dreams (she loves hearing about those).. yes, this is what amateur porn is ALL ABOUT!

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Wifey’s Sister, Busty Sissy, Is Back For More Cum

every now and than Wifey comes up with an special update @, in which she’s wearing a brunette wig, and turn into her “Sissy”.. now, the hair color change is always refreshing, but you just CAN’T go wrong with any color on Wifey’s fantastic body!.. so, except for the color, there is really no difference between these two – they are both aged, sexy mommas, totally eager to please their partner and do whatever it takes to have them cum all over their faces.. so no wonder Sissy showed up at their place to show us once again how good she is with handling hard cock, right after she “slipped into something more comfortable”:

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I was thinking my whole life I was a blond’s man, but with the more Im talking about my favorite models, and the more times Wifey shows up as Sissy, Im starting to think there was some miscalculation.. see a lot more HOME PORN adventures of the hottest MILF you’ll ever get to see… only @,!

Busty Wifey Topless

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Wifey knows how to do a lot of things topless: posing, exercising, giving a handjob , giving a blowjob, titty fucking . The list goes on and on. One thing I have not seen her do is topless welding. Who knew that working with metal could actually be sexy.

All Business Wifey

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I love women in business suits, they exude power, and it’s just plain sexy. I’ve always had a fantasy of having one of my bosses at work, just taking her in her office, removing her suit and playing with her big tits. They’re so well covered in her suit coats, but you can tell they’re quite large. This scene from Wifey’s World is basically my fantasy at work. Wifey dresses up like a sexy business woman, then role plays with her husband who’s really boss. Her husband is looking for a raise, but in this economy Wifey is going to give him a different kind of raise. Now this is what I call economic stimulus.

Wifeysworld Cumshot

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I bet if you ever saw Wifey from in person, you’d never guess that she’s a cum hungry, sexually open woman that she is. Hubby is certainly a lucky man, Wifey loves to fuck, she loves giving slow handjobs, love to tit fuck, but I think most, she loves sucking cock and taking huge loads of cum to her face. At her site Wifeys World, you will find more videos of her giving blowjobs and swallowing cum, than you will of her fucking and hubby cumming inside her. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure she loves that too, she loves it all.

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Wifey with Cum on her Face

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Wifeys World Free Gallery

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