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The Bikini Boob Cumshot

117 300x225 The Bikini Boob Cumshot

Wifey looks great in a Bikini. Her all natural, 34f tits and cavernous cleavage look fantastic peeking out of a tiny black bikini top. But her voluptuous boobs look best covered in a huge, messy load of Hubby’s cum! When Wifey’s giant tits are out in the open, my brain freezes up trying to decide whether to dive in for a big tit motorboat or to beg for an oiled up titty fuck! Luckily for Hubby, he gets to have both whenever he wants because Wifey is one of the most adventurous, sexy and adventurous amateur horny housewives out there. Over the years we have seen her try it all (with the exception of getting down with some sexy girl on girl action!) from sloppy blowjobs, horny handjobs, oily titty fucks, messy facial cumshots, sperm swallowing and even an occassional session of anal. Above all else, Wifey always makes sure her Hubby is sexually satisfied!

Wifey fucking in the Pool

116 300x225 Wifey fucking in the Pool

What is it about water that is so sensual and sexy? Perhaps it is the fact that Wifey’s voluptuous curves, huge natural breasts and amazing ass only look better clad in a skimpy bikini or wet t-shirt. No one can blame Hubby for not being able to resist the siren’s call of Wifey’s topless tits and shaved pussy even if it means whipping out his cock in public by the pool and banging her from behind while her tits bounce in the water. No one can argue that doesn’t cater to us public and outdoor voyeurs with a big tit blonde fetish!

Wifey in High Heels

115 300x199 Wifey in High Heels

Wifey’ is famous for its XXX amateur photos and videos of Wifey performing facials, handjobs, blowjobs and most of all for swallowing Hubby’s huge loads of sperm. As we have shown in several other posts over the last few weeks, there are plenty of other fetishes featured at Wifey’s World as well. You didn’t think I was going to forget about Wifey’s lovely feet did you? For those of you who can’t get enough of a busty MILF in high heels, this post is for you!

wifey handjob

wifey giving a Handjob . Enjoy icon smile wifey handjob

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Getting Messy for the Boss

113 300x199 Getting Messy for the Boss

FINALLY back from our 7 week trek out of the state and am SO happy to be back home. Now we can get back to doing what we like to do best (yes, that would be ORGASMS, gentlemen, ORGASMS..)

Fuck I have been horny lately (can I say Fuck?)- I think it’s a combination of the hot weather and the fact that I haven’t left my little muff alone for the last week. We drove up north and back and what else can you do on a long drive other than fantasize about sex and play with your spouse’s weenie while he tries to avoid flying off into a ditch?

This week was actually my idea. I LOVE the fantasy of having to fuck or suck my Boss in order to save my job or get a needed raise. It’s a sick whore/submissive/slut thing all mingled into one naughty mess. So if you add in the blindfold part and have the guy cover my new clothes with his sperm it makes for something wonderful icon smile Getting Messy for the Boss

Enough talk- come check it out!

Wifey nude on Picnic Table

112 300x199 Wifey nude on Picnic Table

Luckiest picnic table ever! Imagine going for a hike and coming across the site of this big breasted blonde goddess on all fours on top of a picnic table begging for you to chow down and eat her pussy until she has a screaming orgasm. Of course, the second course would obviously consist of pounding her tight, pink pussy from behind and then blowing your load all over her eagerly awaiting face and mouth. The fact that Wifey is so dedicated to being a sexy horny housewife that she even hikes in high heels just makes me admire her formidable form even more!

Busty Amateur Milf Gives Public Blowjob

111 300x199 Busty Amateur Milf Gives Public Blowjob

What could possibly be better than the experience of busty and beautiful Wifey wrapping her luscious lips around your cock and proceeding to suck every last drop of cum out of you and swallowing every last drop? Add in the thrill of possibly being seen or caught while the blonde goddess is gobbling your knob in public certainly could add to the experience. There is nothing sexier than the sight of Wifey sucking a huge cock and looking directly into the camera. Luckily for us, hundreds of amateur erotic photos, xxx sex filled videos, public blowjobs, and explicit outdoor sex are available everyday at

Wifey Guest – Mckenzie

My boss asked me to go to her house today and pick up paperwork she forgot. So I get there and I grab the papers, but I see some of her Gstrings hanging out. I decided to sniff them and play with myself as I thought about how hot Mckenzie is. She catches me in the act and asks me to eat her pussy and with no problem I ate it loving every second. She started showing off her huge tits, and I fucked them so good I almost busted all over her face… Enjoy..

110 Wifey Guest – Mckenzie

Sandra Otterson outdoors in her pink bra and thong

wifeysworld 012 260x360 Sandra Otterson outdoors in her pink bra and thong wifeysworld 022 260x360 Sandra Otterson outdoors in her pink bra and thong

Gorgeous blond housewife known as world famous Wifey, stripping outdoors from her sweater down to her pink lace bra and panties with an i-pod strapped to her undies. Exposing as much flesh as possible soaking in some sun.

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Sandra Otterson Nude

wifeysworld 0110 Sandra Otterson Nude

the incredible looking, super slutty housewife, Wifey, found her cure for it @ she put on her sexy, black lace outfit, painted her long nails red (that looks HOT), and started walking around the house like that, doing usual stuff, bending over, etc.. next thing you know, she’s on her knees and sucking all that hungover right through your dick:

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