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Busty Amateur Horny Housewife

122 300x224 Busty Amateur Horny Housewife

Obviously, Wifey could easily pass for a Mermaid. With her all natural 34f built in water wings, she is in no danger of drowning! I have always been particularly turned on by the amateur erotic nude photo collections that feature Wifey in the pool. Something about a gorgeous and busty nude woman in water gets me going every time. Whether it is in the pool, in the bath, her dripping panties or covered in Hubby’s enormous loads of sperm, Wifey spends a lot of her time Wet!

Wifey in a black Bustier

Sexy blonde Wifey from is posing in a black open Bustier . Damm Wifey that is the look we like to see you icon smile Wifey in a black Bustier

121 199x300 Wifey in a black Bustier 214 199x300 Wifey in a black Bustier

Wifeys Highest Heels

See Wifey from Wifeysworld in her Highest black Heels below . Damm take a look at Wifey’s shaved Pussy icon smile Wifeys Highest Heels

120 199x300 Wifeys Highest Heels 213 199x300 Wifeys Highest Heels

Wifey in a red Negligee

Wifey shows her Milf Boobs in a Red Negligee . See more from Wifey

119 199x300 Wifey in a red Negligee 212 199x300 Wifey in a red Negligee

Wifey outdoor ass shot

211 224x300 Wifey outdoor ass shot

To round out our trifecta of Wifey outdoor ass shots, let’s take the progression of rear end photos from their beginnings in full coverage booty shorts and skimpy thong panties to its logical conclusion: Wifey showing off her glorious bare ass. In the woods. And you get a bonus glimpse of her voluptuous 34f breasts from behind as well. I know that you are concerned that Wifey is in grave danger of being bitten by mosquitos in such a delicate state of undress. But trust me, she is much more likely to be injected with Hubby’s enormous cock than she is by any mosquito! And with such amazingly large mammaries, Wifey has never been accused of having mosquito bites!

How a milf pleases a man

As a loving wife I’m always happy to please my man even when I’m on my “time of the month”. I couldn’t expect him to see me walking around with these big jugs and leave him high and dry could I?!

118 225x300 How a milf pleases a man

This week I get to focus my whole attention on his aching member. You all know how he likes it- slow and steady with lots of ball play. I like to get him to the edge of cumming several times before satisfying him because his loads are bigger. Kind of an ego thing I guess, the bigger the load the more excited I know he is (am I sick or what?!)

I’ll tell you guys an honest “inside” fact- I had one of the strongest orgasms I can remember in this update. I hadn’t came in almost a week (unheard of for me, I masturbate daily most of the time). I was going to wait another day or two so that i could cum while we fucked again but I got so turned on getting him off that I HAD to do it too icon smile How a milf pleases a man Have fun, and if you aren’t a member COME JOIN US!

Wifeys Ass in Thong Panties

117 224x300 Wifeys Ass in Thong Panties

What is so different about this photo of Wifey exposing her lingerie outdoors from the last photo of Wifey almost nude in public? Astute viewers will notice that while the last post featured Wifey’s amazing ass in boot shorts, this photo features that glorious rear end clad in a barely there pair of thong panties! In this instance, it seems like Wifey is also begging to have her pussy pounded from behind while being bent over a rather large, round rock. Getting balled on a ball. Imagine that.

Wifey in Public

116 199x300 Wifey in Public

Wifey is well known to strip down to her sexy sheer skivies in public places. And we have seen evidence of that with some very sexy and sensual photos of her nude form stretched out on a public picnic table very similar to this one. This time, Wifey’s voluptuous form is wrapped in an alluring, tight and sheer pair of booty short panties and high heels. Wifey certianly knows how to pose her lusciously long legs to maximize the curve of her beautiful bottom. One of my all time favorite Wifey rear end photos!

Wifeys sexy Legs

115 300x224 Wifeys sexy Legs

Her enormous tits and cum hungry mouth may get most of the attention, but Wifey’s other parts are just as intriguing. Take for instance, her shapely, long and luscious legs. With such a fantastic ass, it’s easy to overlook the rest of her stems. Wifey’s legs framed by high heels are a formidable boner inducing force! Just see the gallery below for all the evidence you will need. Stay tuned for upcoming posts promoting all of Wifey’s sexiest parts.

210 225x300 Wifeys sexy Legs 33 199x300 Wifeys sexy Legs

Horny Amateur Housewife Bares Tits in Public

114 300x199 Horny Amateur Housewife Bares Tits in Public

Looks like Wifey might have gone out for a jog (can you imagine the engineering that would have to go into the sports bra that could contain Wifey’s jiggling jugs?) and decided to take a little breather, catch her breath and bare her beautiful breasts in public? There is nothing sexier that a quick glimpse of forbidden flesh when no one is looking! The magic of Wifey allows her to be just as sexy in sweats and a t-shirt as she is in latex fetish wear, sexy costumes and sheer lingerie. Perhaps it has something to do with the 34f mounds of 100% certified MILF tits?

With Labor Day in the rear view mirror and summer coming to a close, perhaps it is time to bring the Sexy Summer of Wifey to a close. I still have a folder full of outdoor, in public, bikini, pool side, wet t-shirt and sexy summer attire Wifey photos ready to go. What do you think? Should we continue on with the theme through September or move on to something else?